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When you consign your equipment with Ontario Liquidation you can be confident it gets the widest exposure possible to potential buyers. Using targeted, strategic marketing plans and multiple advertising vehicles, SEO, email blasts , and social media. We don’t just attract more people, we attract the right buyers.

How Our Sales Process Works

Ship, Drop-Off or Moving Your Assets

Once your items accepted, you will be contacted by a specialist who will discuss whether to ship, drop-off to our facility or remove assets from your location (within the GTA). Our team will work with you to ensure all logistics are handled competently in a safe and efficient manner.

Value Estimation

We provide estimates for your material and ascertain whether they would be successful to consign. *

Complete a Consignment Agreement

Once our specialists have accepted your items for consignment, we will send you a digital consignment agreement stipulating terms of sale.

Visual Inspection

Once your equipment arrives at our facility, items are visually inspected and go through a deep cleaning process.


Items are processed into inventory, we bar code and record technical specs into our database.

Imaging & Marketing

Your items are professionally described, photographed, cataloged and marketed to prospective buyers. For buyers in the United States, we will prepare all US customs paperwork including commercial invoice, bill of lading, FDA & FCC forms, customs brokerage paperwork including bond in place and Canada Border Services export declaration forms.

Quality Assurance

Review the item, photographs, specs, and pricing.


Items pushed live onto multiple e-commerce channels and marketplaces

Sales Generated

Buyers are able to browse and purchase items directly on multiple platforms, check out and pay directly online.

Get Paid

After we confirm payment from the buyer, we'll process your payment and the equipment will get released. Ontario Liquidation will send you payment via the method of your choice within 10 business days.

Items Shipped

Sold Items securely and safely packaged and shipped to the customer.


You will be provided with a full and transparent report.

*Disclaimer: Preliminary estimates may be subject to change upon inspection of the item

Benefits of Selling New, Idle, Surplus, or Used Equipment



    When consigning your Lab or medical equipment, we advise that equipment should be less than 10 years old, in good working condition, and have the required software to achieve the best possible return.
    When a lab decides to consign equipment, they are responsible for ensuring it is properly cleaned and decommissioned. In addition to cleaning the exterior, it is important to check for spills and perform a hazard determination regarding chemical, radioactive, and infectious biohazard materials. Once decontaminated, a certificate of decontamination should be completed and signed.


    The process for selling equipment to Ontario Liquidation is dependent on how many items you are looking to sell and its location. No matter what, the process starts with identifying items to be sold and sending photos. If it is just one or few items, Ontario Liquidation can offer cash, credit or trade the item for something in our inventory. If you have more than a few items to sell, we may purchase the items for our inventory or decide to hold an auction. Many factors determine these next steps.

    No, it is not. Please note that all estimates are subject to physical examination of the equipment as well as changes in the market. Estimates are not formal documents for insurance, taxes or estate valuations and cannot be used as such.

    Each consignment is different and will receive individual attention.

    Yes. We contract the packing, shipping & insuring through third-party providers.

    After 30 days, if the items are not sold, the items can be reposted on for another 30 day cycle at a reduced asking price. Subject to $0.40/day storage fees for small items. Large items or skid storage $20.

    We treat all client information as confidential. Please see our privacy policy for further details.