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Organizations process millions of dollars in medical, laboratory, and research equipment that need to be redeployed, sold or decommissioned. Given budget restrictions and the importance of maximizing recovery while being privy to environmental regulations, organizations can no longer afford to allow assets to sit idle or dispose of them without care. However, if managed correctly, either internally or by working with a partner, surplus assets can provide cost savings, revenue streams, and protect your firm’s brand.

Ontario Liquidation provides healthcare providers, (R&D), clinical, and medical Laboratories with specialized equipment remarketing, and recycling services. Organizations find our services most beneficial during equipment upgrades, or when acquiring other providers during company mergers, as well as closures.

We evaluate your assets based on criteria, such as age, functionality and condition. Then, we use the industry’s most progressive resale platforms to remarket your equipment for maximum value.

For equipment that no longer has remarketable value, we take pride in our ‘Zero Landfill’ policy. Ontario Liquidation ensures your medical and laboratory equipment are recycled in compliance with all local and federal requirements. Thanks to our R2 and e-Stewards certified partners, we will provide you with a certificate of data destruction releasing your organization of any liabilities.

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Please note that medical and laboratory equipment must be delivered with a certificate of decontamination and labeled for items that has come in past contact with any bodily fluids or any carcinogenic contaminant. The label should state the date of decontamination and signature of the person who performed the procedure. In-house decontamination must follow manufacturer’s specifications and provide signed Disposal of Capital Asset Form.